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iTeracare Therapy Device Premium with advance Terahertz energy. A revolutionary product that utilizes the latest in technology to create Terahertz frequency that penetrates deep into our body's tissues and helps to improve our blood circulation. Terahertz frequency also enhances the functionality of our cells and  optimizes our overall health.

Wave of Life - it matches the vibrational frequency of human cells. And it can resonate with human cells to activate the body cells to function optimally. Frequency range 100ghz - 10thz, wavelengths 30um - 3000um can pass through non conducting materials, like clothing, paper, plastic and glass. Safe non-ionizing frequency. Terahertz technology has been widely used in medical, aviation, drinking water and other social environmental and life fields.


1) Terahertz Frequency may help stiff shoulder, spondylosis, muscle strain and old legs

2) Help reduces fatigues and improves sleep

3) Reduces varicose veins, prevents blood stasis

4) Strengthens metabolism and improves microcirculation

5) Help reduce inflammation 

6) Helps gastrointestinal cold

7) Increases blood circulation

8) Firms Skin and leaves a glowing skin effect

9) Increases facial aura

10) Stimulates acupuncture points

We want you to love our product as much as we do for its effectiveness and quality. We offer a 90 day money-back guarantee. For faster transaction you can directly message to this FBpage:

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